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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

[Percolation Nation] January, 2020

Welcome to our second Percolation Nation, where we highlight our ☕coffee-backers' generous contributions for the month of January 2020 (and a bit of December 2019)! In case you missed it, we detailed the benefits of supporting us on Ko-fi in our first-ever Percolation Nation.
Head over to our Ko-fi page ( to watch our intro video, view our current goal (self-sufficiency), and scroll through the posts to see who's backed us - as well as view the content you could've participated in and downloaded ahead of anyone else (had you only joined the nation)!

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TOTAL = 51 Coffees☕!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

[Episode 86] Back to Camp Marimac & Walker Stalker Talk: PART III

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Originally recorded 10/25: PART III - shortly after returning from #ATL / #WalkerStalkerCon / Camp Marimac Fall Bash - Carol, Rachael, and Dave sit down and talk about their experiences!
BONUS: those of you have bought us a Coffee ( should've already received links to the RAW, Unedited version of this podcast!

David Cameo:
Carol Gallardo:
Rachael Burt:

  • #GregNicotero Interview
    • he #autographs Carol's final issue of TWD #comicbook
    • Rule of Thirds / Golden Rule
  • Cost of meeting #celebs at a con
    • Fighting the lines
    • Expenditures: Expectations vs Reality
  • Dave would make a #PrettyWoman
  • @Celtictso's #FearTWD panel
    • #MoCollins gives everyone a nickname
  • 90’s After party
    • Hosted by #MatthewLillard
    • Dave pregames with The Sunshine Twins
    • " Sexy #Shredder "
    • #Cosplay contest
  • @Nightmareon3lm set out little figures hidden all over the con
  • Ryanless #TheWhisperers Panel
    • #RyanHurst hosted #Yoga at 8am (how many actually there for yoga?!)
    • #GIRLPOWER PANEL (Women in TV/Film) with #SamathaMorton, #ThoraBirch, and #CassadyMcClincy
  • Dave falls asleep on the train
  • Rachael flew home alongside a puppy named CARL ( #CarlGrimes )
  • We still miss each other, so much
  • Buy us a ☕#Kofi
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