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Monday, April 12, 2021

[Episode 127] Season 10, Episode 22 of The Walking Dead, "Here's Negan"

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On top of getting a better understanding of Negan, by way of Michonne's Jimson Weed trip earlier in Season 10 with "What We Become" (TWD 10x13), "Here's Negan" made it possible for us to complete the circle to explain his entire raison d'Γͺtre -- and it's SO satisfying.
We definitely cut out a lot from this episode! We went off on a few tangents, some of which could get us cancelled. We place that power in your hands by way of giving you the ability to download the Unedited Episode Recordings and joining us during those recording sessions - just by supporting us! Get them, Here!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • AMC's bone-headed move to drop the early release of FearTWD 6x08 the same day as the public airing of this episode.
  • Who is Negan?
  • Favorite Bonus Episode of Season 10.
  • Separating actor from character: Hilarie Burton had to be Lucille.
  • Lucille as the leader of The Saviors
  • Negan Smith: The Everyman.
  • Lucille's gift to Negan: taking her own life.

  • Apocalyptic Band: Jerry on bass, Carol on Triangle/Tambourine
  • Negan & Carol understand each other: Carol moves Negan to Leah’s cabin.
  • Carol letting her hair down: A well-adjusted Carol.
  • Killing Lucille with Lucille.

  • Karaoke nightmares
  • You are my sunshine: Negan hears Hershel singing
  • Love or Hate Maggie Rhee.
  • 12 years and 7 months: Our theory is April, 2008 was the beginning of the end. @rebeccapunch_ says May, 2008. Happened very slowly over time.
  • What if Negan had stayed when Lucille asked?
  • David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick divulges Easter Eggs on Talking Dead: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies; Valak's Vipers; Lucille wearing a Half Moon T-Shirt.

  • Barbara, the OG Alexandrian, still kicking: Reviving "Where’s Marco?!" @itsgustavogomez
  • A Cult of personality without a cult.
  • Identity Crisis, redux: Who are you after you get what you fought so hard for?
  • Satisfaction in deception/defiance.
  • Different Negan on screen than the comics.
  • Negan = One.
  • Lindsley Register is back (in place of Dwight)! The neck tattoo and @heartsstillbeating's interview with her:
  • Laura & Negan could've coupled up.
  • Tales of The Walking Dead: What If? episodes?
  • Doctors don’t survive on this show: Sorry Franklin.
  • Low-Hanging Fruit and why SQUAWKING DEAD is not Talking Dead.
  • Lucille’s choice: Cancer diagnosis would cause more damage than a bullet.
  • Negan, himself, feels he's earned his place.
  • Lucille with the Colt firearm:

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Saturday, April 3, 2021

[Episode 126] Season 10, Episode 21 of The Walking Dead, "Diverged"

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Two Rogues Diverged in a wood, and sorry they could not travel both and be one traveler. Long we stood and looked down both paths, as far as we could, to where each story bent in the undergrowth.
The Unedited Version of this Recording contains a raw #interview I did with Rachael on her road to appearing on #TalkingDead:
Download that recording now, support the #podcast, and be with us when we record the next Episode ( #HeresNegan ):

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Dave hears a janky version of The Whisperers theme music while Carol searches for the rat with Dog in the middle of the night.
  • @BlazyGardener@RebeccaPunch join us in the chat: you can join us, too!
  • These bonus episodes allow the story to move a little slower, giving us deeper character development, even if they seem "boring" or "slow".
  • The Golden Age of Piracy reminds us of when Carol was out at sea: will the Carol/Daryl spin off even show these two together? Or separate, but similar journeys that lead them back together?
  • Carol needs some acceptance, or she might just run off again.
  • So glad Jerry is the one to be there and talk to her: It's easy to forget how Carol & Jerry spent 6+ years as royalty in The Kingdom
  • The Stone Soup Parable: Carol is trying to appear "fuller" than she really is. Carol is clearly capable of being on her own, but what for?

  • Comparing the damage Carol's done to the allegory of allowing the wind to take pillow feathers and spread them across the town, then attempting to gather them.
  • Melissa McBride's one-take, chasing the rat around the room.

  • Carol takes responsibility for the aftermath: it means she cares.
  • "Yeah. Caring: it’s a real problem," Jerry: Everyone needs people: even you, Carol.
  • Man of Armor comic book: Looks like Carol & Daryl promo photos for Season 10.

  • Routine is good for mental health, but Carol can't fix everything - throwing out the scarf - but all the things that need fixing just to make soup, too.
  • Was Leah was with The Whisperers? Perhaps (not) the one Daryl kills in front of Judith. Is Leah, dead or alive?
  • Where are the soldier walkers coming from? Dave noticed smoke in the background. Could these soldiers be part of Pope’s group and/or The Reapers?
  • Most of Maggie’s group, so far, are dead: are there more? Who's really left?
  • More people = More mouths to feed = More hands to assist.
  • Newly released TWD Season 11 teaser features a city council chamber and gavel. Who plays the part of Michonne? Ezekiel?

  • Who will play Pamela Milton (Meryl Streep? Maggie Smith?), or a version of her anyway? Gender-Bending Mercer & Milton. #GirlsGetItDone
  • Will we see Jayne Atkinson/Georgie again? Maggie said she went "out west". 
  • Heath would survive much longer in The Commonwealth vs. the Civic Republic Military. Rather than fight to the death in a "World War", The Commonwealth & CRM should should think about merging (imagine The Commonwealth with black uniforms with red trim)
  • What does Daryl smell like? Mud & sweat? Dog hair & sweat? Definitely sweat & sweat.
  • Carol shows committed to staying. Maggie could be someone who could help Carol through her turmoil 
  • We are here for a Jerry spin-off! Perhaps a cartoon?
  • Ezekiel is the king of charisma: he can be anything he says he is. The Commonwealth only looks at what you were before the fall.
  • Teaser is making us feel like we’re in the courtroom. We almost forget Yumiko is a lawyer, too (as well as Connie & Michonne).
  • Filming during COVID-19: Dave notices bad ADR during the initial scene with Jerry & Carol.
  • Amateur Blonde's No Worries: "You made your bed, now sleep in it" explainer by Renee Hansen of Undead Walking:
  • "Fake it till ya make it," Carol knows this well: Zeke enhanced it. "At times, we crack, only to let the light in," Carol being real with Jerry.

  • Daryl tells Carol to keep Leah’s Swiss Army Knife: Daryl letting Leah go, but does that also mean he doesn't need Carol?
  • Closing the backyard gate and garage door at the same time.
  • @Blazygardener's fan edit illustrating the Carol/Daryl|John/June parallel:
  • Excited for Here’s Negan on Sunday: a chance to see things from his perspective.
  • Thank you Australia, Austria, and Canada for listening!

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Friday, April 2, 2021

[Episode 125] Interview with Peggy Schott ("Tess" from Fear The Walking Dead)

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The ever-so-generous #PeggySchott sat down with us and discussed her TV, Film, and stage career, both past, present, and even upcoming. Most of the conversation revolved around the intersection of actors & film-makers in and around the Texas/Austin area, how that's influenced her opportunities, and how it all eventually lead to her winding up on #FearTheWalkingDead!
Download the completely unedited version of this Interview while supporting the #podcast you know and love! Click Here! 
Peggy Schott:
Sherrandy Swift:
Rachael Burt:

  • Huge thank you for participating in our fan videos & joining the audience during our Trivia Nights.
  • Her father is a 6th generation Casket Maker, specializing in "cut down" caskets to fit in the New Orleans Tombs. 2 of them appeared in Interview with a Vampire.
  • Her short film, Mary Lee

  • Played Varina Davis, on stage, in Sisters Under the Skin.
  • Produced the music video Can I Exist, by Missio (featuring Henry J Smith III: Colman Domingo’s stand-in on Fear The Walking Dead).

  • Directed short film, Laurie's Poem (featuring Avi Lake - A Series of Unfortunate Events - who will also join Peggy in Season 2 of Vindication).
  • Plays a cancer patient who belongs to a cult in Malignant (featuring Nick Stevenson as the cult's leader, who also co-stars with Peggy in The Debt).

    (You may have to click Accept All Cookies to play the trailer)
  • The joys of playing different types of characters.
  • She and Kevin, her husband, love visiting film festivals, especially the blocks of short films.
  • Rachael will try to get The Debt submitted to Hell's Half Mile (a local film festival).

    THE DEBT from Peggy Schott on Vimeo.
  • The differences in dynamic between short film sets & bigger productions, such as Fear The Walking Dead.
  • Acted alongside McKenna Grace (Ghostbusters, The Handmaid's Tale, Big Bang Theory) in Lucky Penny.

    "When you plant a penny in the garden what grows? Abraham Lincoln of course!"
  • While filming Malignant, Lawton was being built for Fear The Walking Dead's 6th Season.
  • Performs Aileen Wuornos' Monologue in Monster. Loves playing roles that are so different from her own personality.

  • She mentions Paper Street Pictures, how they always seem to kill her, that she's acted alongside fellow FearTWD cast member Corey Hart ("Rollie") in one of their productions, and a short film of theirs she features in called Honor Student (also, be on the look-out for a new series called Skyvault)

  • Discusses the Eleanor Rigby music video for a Church production of Let it Be Christmas.
  • Her favorite Fear The Walking Dead character is June Dorie... or Morgan Jones.
  • @TylerPhillipCox (Let’s Taco bout the Dead) asks which character she would love to have scenes with on The Walking Dead.

    Tess & Carol, blowin' shit up!
  • When Austin Amelio spots Peggy for the first time on the set of FearTWD.

  • @RebeccaPunch_ asks: who else did you audition for on FearTWD? Most likely Doris played by Mikala Gibson.

  • @JessicaTCos wants to know if Peggy came up with her own backstory for Tess.
  • @bccastrillo asks inquires about her favorite moment behind the scenes.

  • Regrets asking for a bigger gun, hiking up and down a hill without a carry strap.

  • @comicbookboy_ asks: who is the funniest person on set?

  • Colman Domingo delivers a Shakespearean monologue, one night.
  • @WTFNyssa wants to know if Peggy has a favorite line on the show. Tess' compassion for others is what Peggy loves most.

  • Katy (@KatyE052293) wants to know what it was like to join a show with such a huge following. She loves the passion the fans have for the show.
  • @DayneRussell asks what her favorite movie of all time is.
  • COVID-19 is as close to a Zombie Apocalypse as she wants to get.
  • At least on TV she has great aim!
  • Watch her performance in Addict Named Hal

  • Vindication - a faith-based crime drama that's family-friendly, while tackling important and sensitive issues - has an upcoming Season 2 premiere. Vindication features co-star Todd Terry, who plays Lee, who made his 1st appearance on Fear The Walking Dead's 6th Season.

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