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Friday, March 1, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: "Multi-Community Charter of Rights and Freedoms"

Some of you may have run across some bits and pieces from Michonne's Multi-Community Charter of Rights and Freedoms by ambitious bloggers who just wanted to be "first" out the gate. Admittedly, some of them have way more access to folks on the show, like show-runner Angela Kang, who explain the origins of some the wording we managed to glean from these blogs and interviews.
However, I spent an hour or so poring over still-frames, trying to garner as much as the human eye can muster from this elegantly crafted legal document. This content is not available anywhere else on the internet as far as I can tell! We also read through this, live, on last Wednesday night's podcast of [Episode 44]featuring SQUAWKING Carol; Chris, host of Beazt Mode NY DeadCast; and Talking Dead Ultimate Fan of 2018, Ashley Weidman.

So without further ado...
Screen Grab from


Any person who would live in peace and fairness, who would find common ground, this world is yours by right. We stand together for life, not death, in this new world. Together, we make this world bigger. The future is ours as we hold onto our faith in one another with everything we have [...] consecrate our bond, we establish this Multi-Community Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

Article 1

We survived the end of the world. We are bounded together by the fellowship of the loving. Because we know what happens to the dead, we believe we have the right to live as long as we can. We believe in the same for our loved ones, and any person who cares to find us
We share the bond of  -- ----- -----ly with all who would join us in peace and fairness.

Article 2

The days of fury are over. We believe every loving person deserves to be treated fairly, as a person. This means no torture. No mistreatment. Solitary Confinement is prescribed as the ultimate justice.

Article 3

The world is ours again. The old ways are gone. We live with and love people who are different. We believe different things and have different backgrounds, and we celebrate them. We agree no one can be forced to change to make their neighbor comfortable. We are a community of equals.

Article 4

We survived, but this is about more than survival to the world we are consecrating. Everyone has the right to think for themselves. The right to speak and be heard. There will be disagreements, but we will not allow them to become violent. We respect each other, and life, too much for that. We welcome others who join us in this belief.
It is self-evident to us that no one has a monopoly on truth or justice. We have seen what happens to those who think that way. We've seen what they do to others. There is a ---- for that now now. Any person who joins us must accept our belief in human dignity. We strive for unity, but accept differences.
Everyone has the right to leave and risk life on the road. But our communities reserve the right to decide who our members are. Any person of good conscience that leaves one community may petition to join another. Together, we are building a better world.

Article 8

Bound by a common trust, life, and our humanity, we are making the world new [...] are making the world bigger by collaborating and cooperating. We are helping one [...] and defending one another so that we can be safe. But this charter is not a suicide [...] No community can be forced to sacrifice supplies or people needed for self-preservation [...] save another. War will never be declared without joint agreement of all. Each community may opt-out if they are so able.
If war comes, or some other emergency threatens our joint or individual survival as communities, the above rights and freedoms can be suspended by a community's elected or appointed leadership until the danger has passed. This determination rests with the leadership whose sacred trust is the lives and welfare of us all.


Created under the unanimous agreement of all the communities in this new world, with hope for our future and confidence that together we are stronger. Together we survive and together we thrive. We construct this binding peace not just for ourselves but for future generations who have a right to this world. Under one common accord, we sign our names below:

Alexandria {     }     Hilltop {     }     Sanctuary {     }

        Kingdom {     }     Oceanside {     }


  1. First off...BRAVO for taking this task on!!! Can't imagine it was easy!
    So, now I am VERY curious as to why this was never signed. What happened!?

    1. SPEAKING OF LASIK! ...think i need it after this one...
      Yes, between the foreshadowing behind not showing "Oceanside & Sanctuary" in the first showing of the charter (COMPLETELY hidden by Zeke's shoulder) and both these communities not being around since the time jump...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! ...i feel like someone has a copy of this and the writer of that episode definitely has the full draft. If I get the whole of it, I will be creating a new post and updating this one with the full contents (with full markup of what I got wrong and what was missing)

  3. I reached out to one of the directors on the show and he told me he does not have access to it because they have not started filming yet. He said my best bet would be to reach out to someone in the props department that they should have an answer. I reached out to a couple but have not had much luck with answering there. Maybe you will. That is the best lead I can give. Good luck because it has been killing me what articles 5,6,7 say. It showed it in the finale but you really could not make out the text to it. I wish they would post it online.

    1. You know, they mentioned the exact person who worked on this on Talking Dead, drafted the language and everything. 100% I'm following them on Instagram and I can probably get a response.
      This blog is in the triple digits in terms of views, which is enough for me to pursue this thing further!

    2. Please do because I really want to see what it says. It's no where on the internet there is one other person that put one together had a few differences to it but for the most part it was the same. I'll keep my eyes open if I see something I'll post something here for you see if we can get this thing completed.

    3. Was it last night's talking dead they said his name?

    4. I have an update. I talking to a producer on the show and they and shared with me that they are not allowed to disclose what the actual document says. We have to do our best to figure it out but no one is allowed to talk about it yet I guess for some odd reason.

    5. YO, thanks for reaching out. I'm hoping I can get in touch with the person who actually *drafted* the language of The Charter. I'm going to send him a link to this blog, since (and I just checked again) no one has been able to glean as much as I have, just from inspecting stills. I just need to make some time! I have a monster editing session from last night's podcast (a lot of undetectable-under-the-hood technical issues I have to resolve from that one). But after that, I'll have some more time to follow some leads I may have!
      THANK YOU for stoking the embers!

  4. Talking dead episode 15 they gave a copy to the fan who asked the question. She holds it up but looks hard to make out. If you can have some more luck all the best but having trouble with it