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Monday, March 8, 2021

[Episode 121] Season 10, Episode 17 of The Walking Dead, "Home Sweet Home"

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WE'RE BACK covering THE WALKING DEAD, again! In it's own weird way, #TWDx has been a reflection of where we are in society: It's the longest season of #TWD and has gone through quite the evolution. So it goes, this episode deals a lot with "rebuilding", but also "acknowledging" the past and reconciling the two.
We cut out a LOT from this episode! "...but where can one get the raw, unedited episode recordings," one might ask? Well look no further: for these and the chance to lend your insights in future recordings - all while supporting this #podcast - Click here!
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Lydia’s voiceover, picking right up where we left off; Maggie kills the Walker Whisperer/Last of the Guardians/The Endling
  • Poor Chandler Riggs & Meeting baby Hershel: a little anticlimactic? 
  • Maggie’s stories to Hershel
  • WE LOVE COLE, played by James Devoti: Replacement Dante? Romance for Aaron (reminders of Jesus)?
  • Elijah & Maggie’s weird relationship.
  • #Kelijah: a romance between Kelly and Elijah? or Throuple: #kelijaggie
  • Carol & Daryl drama: #CARYL contingent loses their minds over upcoming episode; Forgot about #CARZEKIEL; Dave mends broken hearts; Don’t break their friendship, it might break us; SEPARATE the character from the actor.

  • Eating baby Hershel
  • Kirkman & Gimple totally yanking both ours AND the cast's chains; empty promises; Super Troll Brothers; Michael Satrazemis is Toad
  • Fans biting Norman Reedus
  • Is Leah in a flashback? Nobody wants to see Norman Reedus’ kiss face.
  • Real fans don’t abandon their show
  • Maggie’s people
  • Carol owns up to Maggie: Confesses she #ReleasedTheNegan, but Maggie totally understands.
  • Silence the Whisperers/Whispers Into Screams
  • Maggie Rhee vs Hershel's Mother: wanting to be Glenn's avenger for Hershel
  • Coming around on Negan: it’s undecided; living in a community after paying your debt to society; Lydia, "Carol’s actions, right or wrong, her plan worked."
  • Filming during COVID: using shadows to your advantage; holding a boom mic properly; does camera distance improve the overall performance?
  • Cole’s awesome knife/sword: Frodo’s Sting.
  • Did you hear Aaron in the beginning of the episode? He and Gabriel are headed somewhere.
  • Maggie sees Negan in the leather jacket: can he hang it up for good? Is there a world in which Negan is "responsible" for Hershel?
  • James Devoti as "Beautiful Man #1" & Kobra Kai joins the #TWDUniverse a la Okea Eme-Akwari
  • Georgie is definitely NOT with The Commonwealth: Maggie’s been all over the place and Georgie last left to a "city out west"
  • TWD/Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul spin off? How about The Stand?
  • Is the assassin part of The Reapers? "Pope" ("Mays") could be Rickard Patrick. The Assasin "Paiges" himself (not to be confused with "Otising")
  • Dave fixes the Season 11 trailer

  • Will Gabriel meet "Pope" in the next episode? How will that scene go down? Who named them The Reapers?
  • Kelly and Elijah connection: Kelly finally feels PART of Team Family (O.G. Cast); when Maggie realizes Kelly is deaf.
  • What are the priorities? The-Here-And-Now or The Future?
  • Dave & Rachael have some bones to pick: Artillery effectiveness after 10 years.
  • Possible Hershel/Negan relationship: being responsible for a life (taken); "Eye Under an Eye"; Will Negan be Neganing?

  • "You want it Darker" by Leonard Cohen (covered by Anita Lester): more than just an overall mood, is there foreshadowing? Leonard Cohen's dark/sober interview.
    • If you are the dealer / I'm out of the game / If you are the healer it means / I'm broken and lame / If thine is the glory then / Mine must be the shame / You want it darker / We kill the flame
    • Magnified, sanctified / Be the holy name / Feel the fire, crucified / In the human frame / A million candles burning / For the help that never came / You want it darker
    • Hineni, hineni / I'm ready, My Lord
      HINENI = "Here I am" in Hebrew
    • There's a lover in the story / But the story's still the same / There's a lullaby for suffering / And a paradox to blame / But it's written in the scriptures / And it's not some idol claim / You want it darker / We killed the flame
    • You're lining up to prisoners / And the guards are taking him / I struggle with some demons / They were middle class and dean / I didn't know I had permission / To murder and to mend / You want it darker…

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

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