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Sunday, September 12, 2021

[Episode 146] Season 11, Episode 3 of The Walking Dead, "Hunted"

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🀯You do NOT know what's coming your way (talk about Hunted, right?): Rachael & Dave are about to blow your mind with some incredible predictions that you won't get anywhere else. @MegTheGeek & @BlazyGardener phone-in some great insights that Rach & Dave dissect along the way. Either way, #TWD gave us some incredible concepts to play with this episode! ...We can only hope the 18 remaining episodes are just as playful!
Not much pre-show and post-show in the Unedited Recording of this Episode; HOWEVER, we do regale you with some personal stories and some observations that didn't quite make it into the final edit that you may find valuable if you are interested in going a little deeper (both on #WalkingDead & SQUAWKING DEAD)! For that and so much more, head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:

  • Rachael’s Instagram Photoshoot by Jeff Hildebrant @iamjhil
  • Sherrandy’s take: The Four Horsewomen of the ApocalypseCarol Peletier, Kelly, Magna, and Rosita Espinosa.
  • Rosita’s dream about Abraham Ford: What's he trying to tell her? 
  • Why Magna pleads with Carol to stop giving Kelly hope of finding Connie.
  • We all missed Greg Nicotero take a bite out of Agatha! Sherrandy was giddy at the thought Maggie Rhee might've been the one who got bit.
  • Rachael feeling unsettled about Father Gabriel losing his faith: we are getting our What If scenario as a result of him surviving The Water Tower (from the Comic Book).
  • When the utterance BOPE-BARKED-EWE is as legendary #Ekekiel (never forget).
  • The Reapers are definitely a religious group. What will it mean for Gabriel when he truly encounters them? 
  • What if the Reaper "Nichols" isn’t real? Is Gabe is hallucinating/killing his faith?
  • Faith is a heavy theme throughout this episode: finding the horses & leaving Alden behind (hopeful he survives). Even Negan saving Maggie (Maggie having taken a chance on Savior Alden) proves that, with faith people can change.
  • The Reapers are perhaps the scariest group we’ve met so far, besides Civic Republic Military.
  • King Ezekiel may be the one to peek behind The Commonwealth's curtain (taking on Dwight's role in the Comic Book).
  • Meg's take: Legendary action-packed opening minutes. Is there a Judas in our group? 
  • Rachael is very mad that Cole died, after shipping Aaron and he (replacement Paul "Jesus" Rovia)
  • @fftcocoon says what most of us were thinking: Maggie’s people were not supposed to last (and the impact was supposed to accentuate Maggie's loss even further). Even Duncan points out how lucky everyone has been:  
  • Please stop the Maggie hate: our friend from Insider, Kirsten Acuna, spoke with Angela Kang and they are not trying to vilify her.
  • Meg's critique over the use of the close-up shots with Maggie in the opening scene (lighting, close-up, vs darkness in wideshot). Rachael & Dave still felt what Maggie must've felt.
  • Judith Grimes, Gracie, Hershel Rhee, and R.J. Grimes eating horse and speaking like little adults. Hershel's from "the streets". Saying "I'll be home soon" as a relic or comfort (for whom?).
  • Will Alden (who was a former member of The Saviors) pull through? Perhaps receive Father Gabriel’s comic book death?
  • The mystery of the dead horses by the river bank. Yet again, our short-lived friend, Sanjay (from Fear The Walking Dead 6x02 Welcome to the Club) teaches us about what walkers are attracted to the most.
  • Even the back up plan of getting supplies from Georgie's drop, is ruined by The Reapers.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

[Episode 145] Season 11, Episode 2 of The Walking Dead, "Acheron: Part II"

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We stroll further down the (Greek) "River of Sorrows" as we highlight what true cowardice looks like and what it might take for larger communities to survive. There's a tremendous amount of both contrasting events and philosophies and we're getting pretty nervous about what might happen should they collide. And, either way, things are looking fairly grim (and, for #MaggieRhee, seems like it's been nothing but dark for so long).
WE CUT OUT SO MUCH from this episode! It ranges from yelling at one another, haphazardly, to facts and details that just weren't captivating enough to make the finally cut (but we're undoubtedly sure you more hardcore fans will appreciate). To get that (and so much more), while supporting this #podcast, head here:
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

Aliza J:

  • Meg returns to ATL for Power Rangers con: visited some filming locations from The Walking Dead with Carrie Sagel Burns of (now defunct) Atlanta Movie Tours
  • Callback to Season 1: Daryl Dixon finds a note written on $100-bill from a child to their father, that resembles Rick Grimes’ promise to radio Morgan Jones at dawn.
  • Easter eggs: Duane Jones Whiskey (πŸ™„), and Gorbelli Foods Company (where Tara Chambler’s father worked)
  • Maggie Rhee’s horrific story and what happened with Mays family (in Season 10c, "One More") are examples of the norm.
  • What are Negan's "bad memories", exactly?
  • Is trust building between Negan and Maggie, in the way he returns her pistol?
  • AMC Premier vs. AMC+ player.
  • The sharpest knife in the world cut off Cole’s hand and became embedded in his leg.
  • Goodbye Gage; not a coward just a terrified kid. Maggie did the same thing to Gage that Negan did to her.
  • Maggie is a changed woman: emotionally disconnected, purely mission-driven.
  • Gage's self-disposal method was intentional.
  • Father Gabriel calling Gage a coward is super troubling.
  • Too Much Information: Terrified Eugene Porter is giving us Chunk from Goonies vibes.
  • Yumiko doing the assessing.
  • Will the real Stephanie please stand up? Margot Bingham was credited as the voice in the Season 9 finale.
    Credit: CinemaBlend

  • Quotable Princess lines: "...that fine ass man in the orange suit..." , "Toilet paper? I’m excited!" and why Coffee (and toilet paper) is a big deal.
  • Shout out to Beauty and the Beazts: Why Duncan can't just throw his weight around.
  • Will we ever see Georgie/Jayne Atkinson, again?
  • "His people": Was Elijah a former member of The Reapers (judging from his mask/weapons)? 
  • What’s the game plan, now that they're in The Commonwealth?
  • Where is Connie and Virgil? Luke and Jules?
  • Approximately 29 days since Eugene and Co. set out to get help.
  • The mural in the tunnel represents the fall of society (pre & post apocalypse).
  • What makes a settlement safe/secure, the facility, itself, or its dwellers?
  • Acheron: the river of woes in Hades.
  • The Commonwealth's caste system.
  • Meridian: possible Neutral Zone
  • Meg The Geek has recruited @Aidan_Atkin_  into the cult of I Quit!
  • The time Mercer referenced The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution of The United States of America, and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights to welcome the gang to The Commonwealth.
  • Aliza J points out the writers are addressing current events. Eugenes in Cages with space blankets.
  • TEOTWAWKI = The End of The World As We Know It: a reference to Fear The Walking Dead's 3rd Season, represented in the Subway Mural, as well.

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